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WesternLakes Home & Garden Show

15th and 16th May 2015

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This years Home and Garden Show involves three celebrity theatres for Cooking, Gardening and Homes advice as well as a mobile touring Cinema with a 92 seat Capacity.

The show will be approximately 20% larger than 2014 due to the high demand for stall space and the retail areas will once again include the Continental Market, made in Cumbria and selected Independents.

Wristbands to support the event and access the theatres are only £3 per day, available from Richardsons Wines or by calling 01946 65334

Latest News

Kim Woodburn the TV Cleaning Queen and Presenter will be joining us on Saturday 16th May. Wristbands to access his show are Available in Richardsons wines Whitehaven or by phone 01946 65334

Click the image below to download our pdf leaflet for the two festivals.